Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ginger Snaps 2.0

Greetings Everyone!

For those of you that have tolerated my disappearance, I am very glad that you’re back to read a few more rants from my mind.  For those of you checking me out for the first time, I’m glad that you’re joining me for this fresh start.  I should warn you that this post will likely be much longer than "normal" posts that will be coming your way, but we have a lot to talk about.  Let's get started.

First, let’s talk a little bit about what happened.  Law school is tough.  I think we covered that in some of the older posts.  When I was in undergrad, majoring in PR, we talked about finding a “hook” – something that would make you stand out amongst a sea of noise on the internet.  So, I decided that my hook would be law school.  But, that’s the problem, and why I think a year long disappearance was destined to happen.  I sit in law school, or clerk for law firms, every day of the year.  The last thing I want to do most nights is come home and take to the blogosphere with stuff about law school or legal careers.

So, I decided that it was time to take Ginger Snaps in a different direction.  I decided that it was time for me to write about something that actually interests me, in the hopes that it will not only make these posts more entertaining to read in the future, but more entertaining for me to write as well.  Hopefully, this will give me some solid material that I can provide to you on a semi-regular basis.  After all, you do things better when you enjoy doing them!

Knowing a little about me may help you understand where this new direction is pointing.  First off, I am entering my third year of law school at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  I have two degreed from Pepperdine University in Malibu California, one in Psychology, the other in Public Relations.  I hope to specialize in IP law, focusing on trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, but am interested in corporate law as well, because of the obvious connections between the two.  As of right now, I am clerking for a small firm in St. Louis, where I was born, as well as interning in the appellate division of ADP Unemployment Group, also in St. Louis.

I used to think that I didn’t have any hobbies because I was too busy between school, working, sleeping, eating and spending time with family and friends.  However, it has come to my attention that I am kind of an entertainment junky.  I love movies, TV shows, social media and everything that relates to them.  I think that it’s this love that has really influenced my future career aspirations, and now this blog.

My escape from my “professional life,” which is your entire life when you’re in law school, is media.  I’ll say it – I don’t know how on earth I survived before Netflix.  I love the internet, I love finding obscure news stories, I love finding the latest celebrity gossip, and I love sharing these things with the world.  So, it seems natural that this is what I should talk about - my passions.

So, with all that in mind, on to the actual proposal.

I know that there are TONS of entertainment news blogs and arenas out there.  I don’t propose that mine is going to be breaking news, or that it is even going to be new news to anyone.  But, I think that coming from law school and the background that I have gives a unique perspective to a lot of the things that go on in the world.  Undoubtedly, this background will rear it’s head in every post I do, but I am a firm believer in consulting as many opinions as possible if you’re trying to figure out exactly what your own stance is on something.  I encourage healthy debate, and I promise not to shy away from some of the more controversial topics that are on there, chock full of ridiculous public comments showing just how crazy internet anonymity has made us.  So, that’s what I am going to do.

I would like to share my thoughts of movies and current media trends, talk about interesting news stories that might be missed amongst the headlines of each news source.  Share my opinions on current topics, and always keep it entertaining.

Gingers are, after all, natural born entertainers.  We’re on display from the time we are born.

I hope that this is an introduction to me, for those of you that don’t know me, an explanation for where I have been for those of you that do, and an invitation for you to come back and check in once in a while to see what antics I’ve been up to.  You can also follow my twitter feed, @GingerSnapBlog.  I assure you, it won’t be boring around here.