Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Summer" in Full Swing

Wow, it has been awhile since I sat down to make a post. Sorry about that!

There have been some recent developments on the law school front. SLU called me earlier this week with an offer of admission for their accelerated part-time program for the fall. What would this entail? Well, basically, I would be part-time my first semester, full-time evening in the second semester, take one class during the summer, and then I would be regular full-time after that, still graduating in 3 years.

As excited as I was for the offer, I ended up turning it down this morning. The main reason was that I want to concentrate in intellectual property law, specifically trademark and copyright law. Drake has a pretty well-recognized program, and until yesterday, I was unaware that SLU even had a concentration in IP. In fact, they just got an IP program approved for this coming fall, but it is so new that they don't even have any materials printed for it. This, coupled with the fact that they wanted a decision within 24 hours, and I am not sure if I want to end up practicing in St. Louis or not, lead me to turn the offer down.

I still have not accepted the offer from Drake - my Dad and I are going to visit the campus a week from Monday, but unless I just absolutely hate it there, I plan on enrolling in the Fall 2010 law class at Drake University School of Law. Exciting, right?

Aside from making law school decisions, the only other thing that is really going on in my life is that I started work this past Monday. Even though I have been working at Affinity Law Group, LLC during breaks for the last 2 years, I am always ready to come back for more! Now that I am a law student, I am hoping that they are able to give me more work specifically in the law field, and that wish was granted when one of the attorneys asked me to do some case law research on common law trademark protections in Missouri. Sounds like a party, right? It's amazing how interesting case law can be, while at the same some infuriating when you cannot find a straightforward answer to a pretty simple question.

On a completely unrelated note, I hope everyone is keeping up on Lost and Glee! They are both getting so good! All I can say is that I like getting answers, and I LOVE KURT!

Umm...other than that, I guess there isn't really anything else I have to say. "Summer" is in full swing, even though there is very little rest involved. I am already looking forward to the family vacation we are going to take in July! I am even more looking forward to the fact that Aubrey is coming with us, which is going to be one rocking good time. It's a shame that the Florida beach house thing didn't work out, but with the oil spill, I am pretty sure that plan would not be the best of ideas. I am secretly hoping for a cruise, but we'll see what the parentals come up with.

Hope summer is going well for everyone else! And thanks for all the well wishes regarding law school on Facebook! It means a lot to me that I have such amazing friends, even if we are all separated by a few states! I miss all my Pepperdine friends! If there are typos in this post, it is because I am typing under exhaustion, and need to get to sleep before another storm hits and I can't fall asleep in the first place.

Night everyone!

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