Saturday, June 05, 2010

You never know when your degree will come in handy...

So, it is nothing new that I am going to law school in the fall. With 2 degrees in public relations and psychology, many have questioned my choice, particularly now that I am working in a law firm for the summer as a "law clerk". To be honest, I was starting to question the relevance of my degree choices as well, thinking that I should have gone with the more traditional political science or english degree, but it was not until this week that everything was justified.

Affinity Law Group has brought on a new attorney, which we are all very excited about. With this comes a lot if media coverage in the local business community, especially with how successful the law firm has become in its short 3 year lifespan. This last week I not only worked on a press release for the firm, announcing the new attorney, but I am also working with him on his social media presence on Linked In and Plaxo, among other sites.

I think this goes to show that no matter what your majors are, there is plenty of overlap no matter what field you go in to. I have to say that I've enjoyed bringing my degree into my new career path, and that I got validation my last 4 years of hard work were not wasted as I head into the next chapter of my academic career.

The moral of the story? If you're thinking of going into law, don't be afraid to major in something that interests you! You never know where the overlap will come in to play, and chances are that there is a niche somewhere that someone is looking to fill - they might just be looking for someone with your unique combination of skill sets!

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  1. Yeah, sounds familiar. Every time I go home it's weird that my parents want me to call and keep tabs on where I am all the time. It's so much nicer to not have to notify everyone when I go out for a run or go out to buy groceries. Sorry to hear things are stressful. Good luck with everything!