Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy Nominations

Despite my undying love for everything media, I have to admit that I am not one to really follow awards season.  Of course, this doesn't include the Academy Awards, which I watch religiously every February.  Still, there was certainly some news in the entertainment world today:
Today the Emmy Nominations were announced:

I've made no secret of my love for Netflix, which I watch a lot, epecially now that we have Uverse and I don't have any other way to watch TV in my room.  While the movie selection on Netflix hasn't been the greatest lately, I am more happy that they are expanding the listing of Television shows available through their streaming service.  Old and new, there are always shows that I was just too young to watch at the time, or I've always heard about but never had time to watch when they came on the air.

Because of this expanding interest in TV, I have to admit that the listing on nominations was pretty exciting to me this morning, and I enjoyed reading through the list and seeing who was nominated and who was snubbed.  What's almost more fun is seeing what entertainment gurus have to say about who was, and was not, nominated.  Twitter was abuzz this morning with star after star, media outlet after media outlet, sharing their reactions to the listings.

Here are some of the nominations that I am particularly pleased with:

Best Comedy Series:  Modern Family.

Best Drama Series:  Game of Thrones.  Hands Down.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series:  Glenn Close, Damages.  Still in love with this show!

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:  Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones.  For obvious reasons.

Miniseries or Movie:  Hatfields & McCoys.  I watched this with my mom, and it was fantastic.  Highly recommend for those that haven't seen it!

We'll see who wins when the show airs on September 23rd, 7 pm ET. 

What do you think of the nominations?  Any that you're particuarly pulling for?  Or maybe you were shocked to not see some names on there?  Weigh in and let me know!

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  1. So glad Game of Thrones is getting some love! Haven't seen Damages yet, but Glen Close is fantastic from what I hear. And now thanks to you, Hatfields & McCoys is officially on my list. I have so much to watch though once I finish with Walking Dead :)