Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dear Mr. Squeaky Shoe Man...

Why must you sit at the table behind me? I'm sitting here, trying to plow through the remainder of my Civil Procedure cases for the week, and all I can think about is the piercing squeal of rubber being ground against waxed wood as your leg jiggles almost uncontrollably. Never did I think that the law library would be home to your negligence. I simply came here for peace and quiet between classes so that I can actually get some sleep tonight, but it seems you've foiled my plans.

I'd be tempted to think that you just can't hear the pain you're causing my ears and brain because of the headphones in your ears. But that just can't be right, since I have headphones on also, and it clearly isn't stopping the scream from tingling my spine with each upstroke and down.

Please Mr. leg jiggling, squeaky shoe man...for the love of all that is holy. Put your leg to rest! Let the muscles relax, let your shoes experience the joy that comes with stability! I beg of you...

This is just adding to a list of things that are making this day just "one of those days." This morning I woke up and tried to put my shirt on with the hanger still inside. Then I had to change shirts because I realized that it is only 57 degrees out this morning. Wednesdays were always unpleasant for me, but now they are turning into a whole new monster entirely. 4 core classes means 7 rather heavy textbooks to carry in my backpack, and 4 folders to jam into my computer bag with my laptop. It also means a headache for the hour between contracts and torts. It makes sense that I would encounter Mr. Squeaky Shoes on this day of woe...Woeful Wednesday. That's what I'll call it.

Don't be concerned. Law school really is going great! I am enjoying most of my classes, and had a great weekend to go off of. Wednesdays just bring me down, and it seems that this was is destined to go down in my history of bad Wednesdays. At least I am starting to get involved on campus, having already joined the Drake Law Women and the Intellectual Property Law Society. Tonight is the meeting for the Delts law fraternity, which is bribing us with free pizza, and tomorrow night is the International Law Society social, which promises to be a lot of fun.

What's that? Oh, the sweet sound of silence. The squeaking has stopped! What a happy occasion.


Oh started again.

I guess I should do something about this, shouldn't I?

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