Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alright ladies...let's chat this doesn't really have anything to do with "post-graduation" stuff, but I saw something today and makes me feel like I need to take some time to explain something.

I am not against dresses. I'm not even necessarily against short dresses, so long as they are not obscene. But we, as women, have to understand that the concept of wind, especially strong wind on a rainy day, makes wearing a dress with nothing underneath it a very risky business. Let's all just use the brains that we were given and take weather into consideration when we get dressed in the morning -- I'm sleep deprived, and I knew enough to wear leggings and boots underneath my dress today. It takes minimal effort.

Anyways, I guess the way I can make this apply is to say that it is important, when considering graduation, to upgrade your wardrobe to a more professional one. You are always making an impression on someone, and that might just lead to a job one day. Even if it is a 3:00 on a Friday, dress to impress. Fitted jeans and a nice t-shirt make a better impression, and are more practical, than a short skirt exposing things that should be private with every gust of wind.

The ginger has spoken. ;D

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  1. I concur. I once wore a quite adorable skirt to work/class, but I forgot to factor in those wonderful Santa Anas blowing around. Oops. Dress to impress, yes, but check the weather channel first...